Portable Cooler Freezers (CFX Series AC/DC) Ranging from 35QT-95QT
Ice Chest (Patrol Series) Ranging from 20QT-95QT
Air Conditioner (Turbo DTW Series) Ranging from 6000BTU – 16000BTU 115V/60Hz and 230V/60Hz
Air Conditioner (Self-Contained ECD Series) Ranging from 6000BTU – 16000BTU 115v/60Hz
Air Conditioner (Turbovap TVE Series) Ranging from 4000BTU – 16000BTU 115V/60Hz and 230V/60Hz
Commercial Roof AC Unit
Refrigeration (Coolmatic CRX Series AC/DC) 115V/60Hz 12V/24V
Refrigeration (Coolmatic CD Series)
Wine Chiller 17 Bottles Macave D15
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